Ummm, yeah. It’s been a while. I convinced myself that I would only keep writing this blog as long as I was being graded, but hey! Inception was a pretty sweet movie.

This time, I won’t spoil the end of the movie 🙂

So. Basic plot? A guy that can run around in other people’s dreams. Actually it’s mildly creepy. But he also has some massive issues, adding to the amazingness of the plot. This is a ridiculously hard movie to explain, but not too hard to figure out when you’re watching. So, to put it short and sweet, it’s action packed, thought-provoking, romantic, and pretty sad all at the same time. The oh-so-unattractive-but-amazing-actor Leonardo DiCaprio does an excellent job in this movie, capturing your attention the whole time and even drawing a couple of laughs from the audience. However, a warning: you might just hate the ending. I did.

Also, I have been considering; I have had several comments on this blog and from my friends (in response to my bashing of happy endings) saying that movies are made for people to escape from the real world. I totally understand this. I have been put through a totally unreasonable amount of pain this summer and movies, books, and art have been my escape. But weirdly enough, I don’t enjoy the movies with happy endings. Now, more than ever, I love the sad movies, where people are miserable at one point in the movie or end up slightly unhappy. But still, what I’m trying to say is that I understand. Thanks, guys 🙂


This week, my blog is going to be about Stardust. Last week I got a few comments saying that I seem to dislike musicals because they are all happily ever after and all that. That is true, but I like other movies too; not just the violent or sad ones. Here is an example of a movie with a happy ending, which was exciting as well.

For those of you that haven’t seen this movie, it’s about this boy that lives in a small city called Wall, and doesn’t know who is mother is. He thinks he is in love with a girl that lives near him, so he promises to find her a fallen star to give to her if she will marry him in return. So he goes off out of his town, and into the magical world. He finds that, in the magical world, the star has transformed into a human woman. She had been knocked out of the sky by a jewel that was tossed up into space by a dying king in the magical city of Stormhold, because he wanted his sons to retrieve it since it would determine who would be the next king. Apparently, whichever one of the three brothers could turn the diamond into a ruby again was the true king of Stormhold. However, not only are the three princes and Tristan (the boy from Wall) searching for the fallen star, so is a witch that knows that if she cuts out the heart of a star and eats it, she will gain eternal life. In the end, Tristan finds the star first, and begins escorting her back home to Wall to bring back to the girl he thinks he loves. At the beginning of the journey, the star doesn’t want to go with Tristan at all, and she is very unhappy about having to travel during daylight, since she is a star, and stars, as everyone knows, only shine at night. But as time goes on, after they spend a lot of time together, and they get out of a few sticky situations with the help of each other, they realize that they have fallen in love with each other. Of course, this isn’t all lovey dovey, though. Along the way two princes die, a witch attacks them and they are captured by pirates and there are some good sword fights and a few magical spell s that are cast, but they make it out alive. When the two of them finally get close to Wall, Tristan leaves early in the morning to tell the girl that he found the star for that he doesn’t love her and that he found his true love. The star wakes to see that Tristan is gone, and thinks he has left because he has decided that he loves the other girl more, and she begins to walk towards Wall, to go see Tristan and probably tell him off, since she believed that he loved her. However, while Tristan is at Wall, and the star is walking towards them, Tristan discovers something very important; inside Wall, there is no magic; the wall that the city is named after is actually a wall that protects them from magical things, so if the star crosses the wall, she will become what she really is, which is, of course, a lump of celestial rock. Tristan races out, and makes it outside the wall before she manages to step through, but not before the witch comes and captures the star to take her with her to her castle to kill her. Tristan travels to the castle and after an epic swordfight with a dead man, manages to defeat the witch and take the star home, after discovering that his long lost mother was actually the daughter of the dead king of Stormhold, making him the heir to the throne since all the princes had been killed. So, he marries the star, becomes the king, and they all live happily ever after.

I think that that was pretty exciting. There were fights, and people died, and Tristan found out who he really was. I think that it was pretty happy overall, and not too violent or depressing. Yep, you should feel very special, Dreamoutloud, because I only wrote this blog because of the comment you left. I hope you liked it.

Star Wars

Just in case you were wondering, the title of my blog comes from 3 different movies; High School Musical, Camp Rock, and Star Wars. I really couldn’t think of anything else to name it. So here I am trying to actually write about the movies in my title. I was going to also write about High School Musical, but I figured that with so many people out there criticizing it and everything, nobody would read mine for that anyway. I’ll just say that I hate High School Musical, and leave it at that.

So off we go. This post is going to be about Star Wars in general; all 6 episodes of amazing-ness. Sure, the old movies had terrible graphics and some pretty bad costumes, but they got better. I don’t even know why I love Star Wars so much. All my friends make fun of me because of it, but they just hold something there that makes me love them. So, for those of you that haven’t seen the Star Wars series yet, let me explain. There are the Jedis, and Sith Lords. Jedis are good. Sith Lords are bad. They both have the rare ability to sense the mysterious presence of the Force, and they have the even rarer ability to manipulate it to do their will. Trained Jedis or Siths can lift things, manipulate the thoughts of the weak-minded, and shoot Force-lightning. Basically, the movies are about a struggle between them. Lots of light saber fights, gun fights, people being kidnapped, frozen and almost being eaten. Now, you might be thinking that six movies is a lot for just that, but a lot of interesting stuff in between and there is obviously more to the movies than that. Wow. What can I say about this movie? The ending is pretty perfect, but I think the struggle to get there was pretty epic. In Hairspray (no, I’m never going to get over that super lame movie), it was barely a struggle. I’m not even going to start on how much I hate it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop if I do. One thing that I should have mentioned before, in REAL movies, there is pain, sadness, or just something bad before the ending, but Hairspray was just about some girl that lived a perfectly good life that wanted something more. I know that I said I wouldn’t complain, but HOW SELFISH OF HER. The Jedis, on the other hand, are fighting for peace in the galaxy and are trying to destroy the evil forces for the benefit of other people.

Let me go on to describe the sad parts and the parts where things have you on the edge of your seat, hoping that a certain doesn’t die. First, Anakin Sywalker, played by Hayden Christensen in the 3rd movie was the most promising Jedi being trained. However, in a desperate attempt to save his dying wife, he is almost killed and turns to the Dark Side as the infamous Sith Lord, Darth Vader. It’s a shame that that had to happen. He was a super cool Jedi and he was just cool in general. The part where he almost dies after a light saber duel with his friend, almost brother, and mentor Obi Wan Kenobi was pretty sad too. Obi Wan gets this cool line, leaving everyone watching the movie feel like dying. At least I did. As I mentioned before, after this duel, Anakin wakes up in black the black armor that everyone recognizes as Darth Vader’s, and his turn to the Dark Side is finally completed when he discovers that his wife died in childbirth, twins, and he lets his anger take over him as he realizes that betraying his mentor and friends and almost getting killed was all for nothing. Turning to the Dark Side, to a Jedi, is the equivalent of the person choosing to die. That really doesn’t sound that terrible, but the Jedis were very upset about it; they had hoped that Anakin would be the one that they were expecting from some prophecy from along time ago. So you can imagine how distraught Luke Skywalker is when he finds out that his dad is, in fact, Darth Vader. Now, Luke had grown up thinking we was an orphan, but when he was battling Darth Vader, he learned the truth, totally lost his concentration, and should have been killed, but Vader just couldn’t bring himself to kill his son and he spared his life. In the end, Luke tries to convince Darth Vader to turn away from the Dark Side, and he does, once again becoming Anakin Skywalker and they all live happily ever after. It was exciting. All those problems within their family was something that made me interested, and that might be the reason that I love it so much, but I’m still not sure. Maybe it was horrible for me when Anakin turned to the Dark Side because I had three movies to watch him develop and grow from about a nine year old to a dark, angry young man. Whatever it is, I recommend you go see them if you haven’t already, even though, like last time, I just gave away the ending.

The Dark Knight

Here we go again; another week, and another excellent blog by moi. So, like I said last week, I’m going to be writing a post about The Dark Knight this week.

As I mentioned previously, I seriously think that movie producers need to focus of more interesting and complicated plots that might leave you thinking, without making it too long, boring, or pointless. The Dark Knight has a good, slightly confusing plot, but it is interesting, there is plenty of action, and it isn’t too long. So basically, there is a superhero working with the police to capture the maniac terrorizing Gotham City and stop the mob of the rise to power, while trying to keep the citizens happy, something that is hard to do, since they are convinced that Batman is to blame for all of their problems. The Joker gains control over the mob. Elsewhere, the Chinese gangster has been captured and has told Batman that he will testify against the mob. In return, the gangsters hire the Joker to kill Batman. Joker goes about doing this by issuing a threat to the people of Gotham; have Batman reveal himself, or people will die every day until he does. When two important public figures die at the hands of the Joker, Batman is the one blamed. So, before the police can stop him, Harvey Dent, someone who has already played a pretty big part in the plot, steps forward and claims to be Batman. Later, the Joker is captured and Dent and Rachel Dawes, the woman Bruce Wayne loves, have disappeared, and the Joker finally tells Batman that they are being held in two different warehouses and are rigged up to explosives, just far enough away from each other so that Batman doesn’t have enough to rescue both of them. In a desperate attempt to find them both, Batman goes after Rachel while the police go after Dent, and is surprised to see Harvey where Rachel was supposed to be. Batman manages to rescue Dent, Rachel dies, and Dent is scarred forever. Literally. Half of his face is burned off and the Joker finds him in the hospital and convinces him to go after the people responsible for the death of his loved one, Batman being one of those people. A lot of things happen between that and the end, which will take too long to explain, but Dent dies and Batman captures the Joker but refuses to kill him, proving again that he is incorruptible. Knowing what will happen if the citizens of Gotham learn of Dent’s actions, Batman convinces the police to tell the citizens of Gotham that he is responsible for the crimes and deaths, and the movie ends with everyone beginning the chase to capture Batman.

See how long it took to write all that? Now that is a plot worthy of my praise. It was interesting, thought provoking, and not lame at all. People die, many things are sacrificed, and the ending is definitely not happy or perfect. Just the way I like it. Yes, the movie was a bit dark, but I can forgive that since the rest of it was so good. I could watch it over and over again, which is actually something I have already done. I mean, the movie was great. Batman loses the woman he loves, a man he trusts, and has the whole city turned over looking for him. This is real life, kids. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, even if you have tons of money, like Bruce Wayne. I love the changes that the characters go through, and how they are developed. I love the part when Michael Caine’s character tells Batman that the Joker may be doing the things that he is doing because he is one of those people that just like to see the world burn. That was probably the best part for me because that was just so true. So many superhero movies try to make up reasons for the superhero’s evil desires, but I truly believe that there are people out there in this world that would just like to see people’s lives destroyed. So, the first movie I have written about that meets my approval: The Dark Knight. I highly recommend you seeing it if you haven’t already, and sorry that I gave the ending away. 🙂

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Camp Rock

Alright, here we go again. I’m going to be writing about another one of those weird musicals that just came out. Camp Rock. What can I say? After I thought about it a bit, I realized that this musical was exactly like the plot for Cinderella. I must say that that was pretty boring but maybe this age-old classic needed a modern version to be created. Still, I didn’t like the movie. First of all, I detest the Jonas Brothers. Don’t ask me why. Sometimes you hate people and you just don’t know why. Well, that’s how I feel about the Jonas Brothers. First of all, that main Jonas kid in the movie needs to do something about his eyebrows, and maybe get a haircut. But that’s not the reason I hate them. That’s just something that I can’t explain…..Moving along, though. So, in the movie, it’s another one of those unpopular-girl-gets-the-popular-guy stories. Which, as I may have stated in my previous post, I could have dealt with, but when about 5 movies with that come out, I get so tired of them, it’s not even funny anymore. And how, may I ask, does this famous, apparently good-looking rock star even recognize the voice of this unpopular girl after only hearing her for a few seconds at the beginning of the movie? And how does he decide that she is the girl that he loves after just hearing some song she wrote? I mean, about half an hour before he even heard her sing in the talent show, he was enraged after finding out that she had lied to him to get his attention. And, like Hairspray, of course the ending has to be incredibly predictable. The girls find their way into the talent show and the popular girl is crushed. So sad. Movie producer really could do a better job of thinking up new, more complicated plots that might be harder to understand, but they might be a little more captivating. There are so many things in this world that need fixing up, and I wish I could take a whole bunch of different jobs so I had the chance to fix them. Movie producing is one of them. Nobody ever gets what they want, and it’s never perfect. Some people might argue with me and say that movies aren’t real life, and they are people’s escape from the harsh real world, but I believe that people need to face their problems, not drown them in perfect, predictable fairytale worlds. But that is just my opinion….

Alright, next week, I’m writing about a movie I actually liked; The Dark Knight. Unless, of course, I happen to change my mind before next week. =)

<—–  See what I mean when I say that he needs to trim his eyebrows and get a haircut?

Hairspray- what next, Nail Polish?

I’ve decided that my “about” page is the tiniest bit misleading. I start out by talking about being disappointed after coming out of a movie theater, but I’m really going to be griping about movies that I hate, or praising the movies that I loved. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll write about the movies that were just movies to me, not the new movies. Sorry. So, here we go.

I’ll start with everyone’s favorite *cough, cough*. Hairspray. It wasn’t as pointless as High School Musical, I would say. But did it have to be so long? I mean, I was watching it, laughing at some stupid songs and jokes, but then I just kept watching, and watching, AND IT NEVER ENDED. I thought I was going to die. This movie gets points for having a bigger idea in the plot. I am totally against racism. But, after High School Musical, it was just like “What, ANOTHER musical?” I really can’t believe that so many people loved it. It was like Step-Up or whatever that first dance movie was. One dance movie comes out, and 80 bajillion follow. The thing is; they pretty much all have the same plot. Rebellious kids learn to dance and become good kids. And that’s just about it. Wow. I heard that those were pretty popular. Ugh. I am dreading the next release of some musical with high schoolers trying to find their place in life. Back to Hairspray, though. It was a so stereotypical fairy tale-ish ending. Unpopular girl goes on a long journey to find her place in life, all the while singing at the top of her lungs. She dreams of being popular and marrying the most popular guy in school. After about 2 hours of film, all her problems are solved and she ends up dating her dream guy. Seriously, not to discourage anyone, but does that really happen in real life? I mean, you might get your dream guy, job, and life, but it’s never perfect; there are going to be more problems, and I bet and other things will throw your perfect life off balance. I’m not just against the perfectly happy endings, though. It was just so predictable. I couldn’t stand it. EVERYONE knew that the unpopular girl would end up with the popular guy, and the popular girl would end up being disgraced. BOOOOOOOOOORING.